Dental Services

Dental billing services are provided to dental practices that handle the financial aspects of patient care. This includes submitting claims to insurance companies, following up on unpaid claims, managing patient billing and payments, and providing financial reporting to the practice.

– Our dental billing services include the following:
– Insurance Claim Submission
– Patient Billing and Collections
– Insurance Follow-up
– Financial Reporting and Analysis

Our dental billing services can help increase revenue and reduce administrative costs for dental practices, so they can focus on providing quality patient care.

Claim Submissions

At 4A Revenue Group, we realize the value of timely and accurate claim submission in the medical billing process. We offer specialized claim submission services to medical practices of all sizes and specialties. Our claim submission services include the following:

Expert Coding: Our team of certified medical billers and coders will ensure that all claims are accurately coded and submitted in compliance with Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurer guidelines.

Electronic submission: We will submit all claims electronically, speeding up the claims process and reducing the chance of denied claims.

Payment Posting Services

Payment posting is an essential aspect of dental billing that ensures that all payments made by patients, insurance companies, and other third-party payers are accurately recorded and applied to the correct patient account. At 4A Revenue Group, we understand the importance of timely and accurate payment posting, which is why we offer professional payment posting services to dental practices. Our payment posting services include the following:

– Recording and applying payments
– Reconciliation of payments
– Insurance Follow-up
– Reporting and analysis

By outsourcing your payment posting to our team, you can trust that all payments will be accurately recorded and applied to the correct patient account. Contact us today to learn more about our payment posting services and how they can benefit your dental practice.

Types of Insurances